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The Doberman’s Ears

A Doberman’s ears are naturally floppy.
Without surgery the ears will not stand.

Make sure that ear cropping is performed by a vet who has a
great deal of experience with this procedure. This surgery
should performed by someone who specializes in the
cropping of ears, because the expert cropping of ears is
more an artistic endeavor than a technical surgical
procedure such as spaying or neutering.

There are different lengths of ear crops:

Military/Pet Crop: This ear is relatively short in      length and
has a wider base (bell). It does not typically take very long to

Medium Crop: This ear is a little longer and has little less bell.

Show Crop: This ear is the longest and a little narrower than
the other two crops.

Ear cropping of the Doberman Pinscher is usually done at
approximately 10 to 13 weeks of age. The operation requires
anesthesia and the puppy must be kept from eating for
approximately 12 hours prior to surgery. Although the
procedure does require the puppy to be anesthetized, the
operation takes only  about 30 min.

For the first 7 days after ear cropping, your puppies ears will
remain taped and up in the rack with sutures holding the
edges closed. The puppy will be brought to the vet, the
sutures will be removed, and  the ears re-taped/racked.  
Again, for approx. 6  days the pup will remain in his rack. The
ears are usually taken down and unwrapped for 24 hours by
the owner, then brought back to the vet to be re-wrapped and
put back up. This will go on until the ears stand and then
wrapped one more week.
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